Incentives & Conferences
An incentive trip is designed to present a country to a special group of people in a unique and unforgettable way. Incentive trips to Egypt do just that. Through specially
organized events and with active participation by the guests, the guests gain an unique insight into the land, the people and the culture. The people taking part in incentive
trips are normally those who have performed well above the ordinary. Their reward should also be something extraordinary.
Egypt, with its almost limitless opportunities, motivates and provides the rewards! Egypt also offers all the necessary facilities for a successful conference.
There are excellent flight connections to all major destinations.
The "Cairo International Conference Center" is a spacious exhibition and meeting location, and is fully equipped with all the latest technical equipment.
Many top hotels with excellent service and first class conference facilities can also provide that special venue for conferences of all types and sizes.
Local industry and government are also very interesting in making contact with international conference guest and welcome discussion and exchange of ideas.
And all this in a land with almost unlimited opportunities for sightseeing, for exciting side programs and for unforgettable experiences!
Egypt a land where the past and the present meet. No other land can boast such a magnificent array of  historical monuments, bearing witness to thousands of years of
advanced civilization.
At the same time Egypt is also a modern land, with many modern technological achievements to its credit. In fact, the technological and architectural achievements of the
ancient Egyptians and some 5000 years ago are still a source of fascination today.
However it's not only the Pyramids and the wonderfully preserved temples that have attracted so many people to Egypt throughout the ages.
Egypt is the gateway to Africa and Asia, and gives its visitors a taste of the magic of the orient. The bazaars, pulsating with life amid the smell of incense and spices.
Muezzins calling for daily prayer from the minarets of magnificent mosques. And the vast spaces of the desert, the shining beaches of the Mediterranean, the breathtaking
mountains of Sinai, the unique submarine life in the coral banks of the Red Sea - that's Egypt! In no other country is the modern daily life tied so closely to history and the
events of the past - the people in this multi-culture land are living proof of this. But common to all, be it the Bedouin in Sinai or the top manager in Cairo, is the
overwhelming hospitality which has its roots deep in the Islamic culture. It's this that can turn a visit to this fascinating country into an unforgettable experience!
Program Ideas
Before Arrival
0101 - Personalized Coming - Together
Mailing Program Inputting Competition And For Thinking Participants Of Their Goal And Reward.
0102 - Egyptian Gifts
Choosing From A Variety Of Small Gift Items To Give Participants Hints Of The Wonders That Await The Winners.
Upon Arrival
0201 - Airport Hailing
Maadi Travel Uniformed Personal, Meet And Assist Your Group, To Make Your Transition From Plane To The Hotel A Smooth One.
0202 - Express Immigration
Special Immigration Counter With Your Group, And Maadi Travel Banners Take Care Of, Ease Custom And Immigration Formalities.
0203 - Deluxe Air Conditioned Grants
Group Guide Anxiously Remaining On Board Of Our Deluxe Air - Conditioned Coach Will Take Your Group Through Old Cairo To Your Hotel.
0204 - The Presidential Transfer
A White Deluxe Limousines Biding Airport , Escorted By Police Motorcycle All Way To Your Hotel.
0205 - Separate Luggage Transfer
Maadi Travel Personal Will Handle The Luggage After Your Checkup, It Will Be Transferred And Rushed Directly To Your Room In A Separate Baggage Vehicle.
0206 - Welcome Zaffa
Combination Of Camels, Horses, Royal Trumpeters And Hostess Presence Flowers , All Dressed In Authentic (Pharaonic, Bedouin, Country - Side) Costume , Tribute
Group From Buses Through Hotel Entrance
0207 - Per-registration And Special Check In
Welcome Banners With Your Company Logo Provide A Special Welcome To The Hotel Entrance And Swift Check- In By Group Per-registered before Arrival.
0208- Welcome Cocktail Reception
Relaxing Hour From Trip And Getting Know Your Travel Partners Over A Refreshing Welcome Cocktail.
Rooms Amenities
0301 -- Handicrafts Gifts.
0302 -- Fresh Fruit.
0303 -- Wine And Cheese Platter.
0304 -- Soft Mini-Bar.
0305 -- Cocktail Mini - Bar.
0401 -- Continental Breakfast.
0402 -- Oriental Breakfast.
0403 -- American Breakfast.
0404 -- Breakfast Buffet.
0405 -- Coffee Break.
Daily Tours And Visits
0501 -- Pyramids And Sphinx 3 Hours.
0502 -- Memphis And Sakkara 3 Hours.
0503 -- Egyptian Museum 3 Hours.
0504 -- Old Cairo, Salahdin Citadel, Mosques And Khan El Khalili Bazaar 4 Hours .
0506 -- The Pharaonic Village 2 Hours.
0507 -- Sound & Light Show 2 Hours.
Over - Day Tours From Cairo
0601 -- Fayoum Desert Rally Explorer.
0602 -- Luxor Over -Day By Plane.
0603 -- Alexandria Over - Day By Bus
Over - Nights Tours From Cairo
0701 -- Nile Cruise Trip 3 / 4 / 6 Nights
0702 -- Alexandria Over - Night Greco Roman History, The Roman Theater And El Alamien.
0703 -- Luxor
Rababa Party Plays Celebration Music For Your Group At Hotel Entrance
Luxor And Karnak Temple, Valley Of Kings, Hatschepsut Temple, Graves Of The Nobles, Medinet Habu, Valley Of Queens
Horse Carriage Ride Along The Nile.
Sun Set Felucca.
Sound & Light Show At Karnak Temple.
0704 -- Sinai And Red Sea.
0705 -- Oasis Of Dakhla And Kharga Safari.
Events, Theme And Gala Dinner
0801 -- Pyramids Sun Rise Champagne Breakfast.
0802 -- Camel Race And Driving License.
0803 -- Country Side Lunch And Variety Of Egyptian Cuisine.
0804 -- Oriental Night.
0805 -- Bedouin And Pharaoh Nights.
0806 -- Royal Dinner.
0807 -- Nile Felucca Finger Buffet Dinner On The Dramatic River Nile.
0808 -- Nile Cruise Show Dinner / Lunch.
0809 -- Khan El Khalili Lunch.
0810 -- Bazaar Rally And Khan El Khalili Shesha With Nena Tea.
0811 -- Desert Safaris.
0900 -- Personalized Labeled Gifts With Your Company Name, Logo And The Trip Date.
(Papyrus Certificate Written In Hieroglyphics, Brass Plates, Golden Or Silver Cartouche, Galabia, Scaraba, And Others Available According To Budget).
On Departure
1000 -- Do Not Panic If Tears Are Seen !! It Is Not Easy To Leave A Country Like Egypt Without Sensation.
After Departure
1100 -- Once More, Letters And Occasions Presents Is Our Favorite Way To Keep This Trip In Minds And Refresh It Live Time.
We Will Be Pleased To Provide You With Creating Elements Specifically For Your Group
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